Naples, Italy



Over forty years ago a visionary group of Italian men and women of Naples, FL established an organization to provide social gatherings and promote camaraderie among persons of Italian Ancestry. Thus, the Naples Italian American Foundation was born.


Throughout the years, because of its active membership and strong leadership, the organization gradually assumed a greater role in promoting the rich culture and heritage of the Italian people.


In order to appeal to a broader range of people in the community, and from afar, a 501c(3) Foundation was formed which enables interested persons to receive a federal tax deduction for their supportive donations.

Our Philosophy

The Naples Italian American Foundation has been in existence since 1969, and transitioned into a 501c(3) Foundation in 2009. This new organizational structure has offered us the opportunity to expand our mission from merely social  to education and charity.


However, at 7035 Airport Road North, Naples, FL 34109, we still maintain our "home away from home atmosphere" and welcome any and all who are interested in Italian culture to join us and/or consider making a donation to our Foundation, and the national and local charities that we support.


Our Italian/American heritage is a heritage to preserve, and like love, the only way to keep it  is to give it away.


We are always seeking ways to share the treasures of our Italian culture and are open to new ideas and suggestions from members to enhance that goal.

Our Giving

The Naples Italian American Foundation is dedicated to giving back to charities; nationally and locally.


In particular we raise money for the:


We also contribute to local charities in the Naples, FL and surrounding areas.