PASTA e PELLICOLA (Pasta & Film)

2015 -2016


Films are shown with English sub-titles (unless otherwise noted) on:

Monday evenings @ 7:00pm ..........Doors open @ 5:30pm.  


Donation of $15.00 includes: film viewing; salad, bread, pasta and meatballs.


Donation of $5.00 for film viewing only.

Cash Bar is available for wine and beer.
Spend a pleasant evening at the Foundation - good food and drink followed by entertaining films. We  also feature a series of films that we consider classics of Italian filmdom. They will be shown consecutively on Mondays as noted by the schedule below.


NIAF Movie Schedule 2015-2016



Oct 5         Delitto D'amore (Crime of Love)  1974

A socio-political and romantic story of a couple melding the northern and sothern cultures of Italy while working in the Industrial North. The abuses by big business and disregard for migrant workers from the south are exposed.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 101 minutes long



Oct 19       Ginger & Cinnamon  2003

This light-hearted comedy is a valuable lesson in what it means to be a woman at any age.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 110 minutes long



Nov 2        Siamo Uomini o Caporali (Are We Men or Corporals?)  1955

Corporals are the power and bullies. Real men are the fools who can't win but  can stick grit in the machinery.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 91 minutes long



Nov 16      A Summer in La Goulette  1996

This tender comedy takes a provacative look at sex, religion and tradition in tense and changing times.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 100 minutes long



Dec 14       Cose Dell' Altro Mondo (Things of Another World)  2012

An imaginative look at what it would be or not be with or without immigrant workers surrounded by all the politically incorrect hyperbole, wordplay and sarcastic quips.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 100 minutes long



Jan 4          Blame it on The Bellboy  1992

Actions by a bellboy cause a hilarious case of mistaken identities of three hotel guests, sending the trio down a road of comic, nonstop adventures.


English                                         Approx 78 minutes long



Jan 11        Benvenuti Al Sud (Welcome to The South)  2010

A postal worker from Milan is transferred to southern Italy, which to a northerner is equivalent to a nightmare. He discovers instead, a fascinating place, peer affection, and hospitable people.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 106 minutes long



Jan 18       Cinema Paradiso (Paradise Cinema)  1990

A famous Italian director returns home to a Sicilian village for the first time after almost 30 years, and reminisces about his childhood at the Cinema Paradiso.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 155 minutes long



Jan 25       Io, Loro e Lara (I, Them and Lara)  2009

A missionary priest, stationed in Africa, experiences a spiritual crisis and returns to Rome to seek guidance. In his father's home, he encounters Lara an enigmatic and astonishing character who brings chaos to the entire family.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 118 minutes long



Feb 1         Il Capitale Umano (The Human Capital)  2013

A story of tricky social dance of status, money and ambition between a privileged and middle-class family.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 106 minutes long



Feb 8        La Giusta Distanza (The Right Distance)  2008

A Tunisian mechanic and Mara, a substitute teacher fall in love. However, their lives will be turned upside down by unexpected events that change the course of the story.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 107 minutes long



Feb 15      La Visita (The Visit)  1963

Pina, a thirty something beauty, posts an ad in the personal column hoping to find a man to take her away from the tiny village where she lives.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 111 minutes long



Feb 22      Matrimoni ed Altri Disastri (Matrimoni & Other Disasters)  2010

Nana's love life has been at a standstill for the last three years. Her involvement in preparing her sister's Bridal Registry uncovers withheld famly secrets. At the same time, her future Brother-in-Law is falling in love with her. However, all ends well thanks to a broken laptop computer.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 91 minutes long



Feb 29      L'Imbroglio nel Lenzuolo (Confusion/Mess on the Sheet)  2010 

1905 bring cinematography to southern Italy in which light rays projected on a "sheet" create life and reality. This doesn't bode well for a citizenry that is superstitions and believes in the evil eye.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 105 minutes long



Mar 7        La Scorta (The Escort)  1993

When a high profile judge is murdered, four reluctant cops are assigned as escorts to protect the replacement prosecutor from the mafia assassins.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 95 minutes long



Mar 14      Giovanni Falcone, the Judge  2006

This is a rel life story of one of Sicily's bravest sons who unmasked the Mafia during the 1980s-1990s by methodically following the money. His discoveries exposed the vast heirarchy of criminal families across Italy and around the world.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 100 minutes long



Mar 21      Borsellino, the 57 Days  2012

Paolo Borsellino was a close friend and fellow law student of Giovanni Falcone when they attended the University of Palermo. They collaborated in working cases against the Mafia. May 23, 1992 was the beginning of the 57 days in which he lived as a marked man.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 100 minutes long



Mar 28      The Key to the House (Chivai di Casa)  2004

This drama deals with a father's duties after his wife dies giving birth to a mentally and physically handicapped son.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 107 minutes long



Apr 4         The Last Vicory (L'Ultima Vittoria)  2004

This documentary captures all the drama, action and anguish that accompany this fiercely upheld tradition of the Palio bareback horse race which takes place annually.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 88 minutes long



Apr 11       Gli Zitelloni (The Inveterate Bachelor)  1958

In this comedy, Marcello is falling in love and seeks advice from the "Professor" Vittorio DeSica whose philosophy is: Men are not meant to be married.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 98 minutes long




Apr 18       La Doppia Ora (The Double Hour)  2009

An apparently docile chambermaid who emigrated from Lithuania is entangled in a web of crime, love and treachery.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 92 minutes long



Apr 25       Ladro di Bicicletta (The Bicycle Thief)  1948

Antonio faces desperation when his bicycle, which he relies on for employment in post World War II era, is stolen. He and his son search the city with success, but good fortune is not on his side.


Italian/English Subtitles              Approx 93 minutes long





Pasta & Movies: $15  

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