FILM NIGHT 2019 / 2020

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"Our 2020 film night schedule is now online" 


Films are shown with English sub-titles (unless otherwise noted)



Doors Open & Dinner Served: 5:30pm

Film Starts: 6:30pm


$15.00/per person Spaghetti  Dinner & Movie

$5.00/per person Movie Only



*$20.00 Dinner & Movie - for Mona Lisa is Missing  (March 23, 2020)

*$10.00 Movie only - for Mona Lisa is Missing  (March 23, 2020)

Cash Bar is available for wine and beer.
Spend a pleasant evening at the Foundation - beverages will be served followed by entertaining films. We  also feature a series of films that we consider classics of Italian filmdom.


NIAF FILMS for 2020

Movies from 2000 to the present


January 20, 2020

INCANTATO (2003 Donatello award.  Best Director)


A timid scholar (Neri Marcorè) falls in love with a blind socialite (Vanessa Incontrada) who is using him to get back at her former fiance.


The Pope's tailor sends his son, a virgin at 35, to Bologna hoping he will find a woman. Nello, a classicist moved by the romantic poetry of Ovid, proves to be a good teacher and also falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful Angela Gardini.  Angela, recently blind and then spurned by her fiancé, uses Nello.  She hopes her former lover will become jealous and return to her.  Nello obliges, his head full of poetry and in love at last.  He is happy to be near her, knowing that she, before her disability, wouldn't have looked twice at him.


Director/Writer:  Pupi Avati

Stars:  Neri Marcorè, Vanessa Incontrada, Giancarlo Giannini |

Italian - English subtitles

February 3, 2020

RESPIRO (2002  Critics Week Award Cannes Film Festival)

On an impoverished Italian island, a free-spirited mother of three is accused of madness by townspeople fed up with her antics.

Director/Writer:  Emanuele Crialese

Stars:   Valeria Golino, Vincenzo Amato, Francesco Casisa

Italian - English subtitles

February 17, 2020

BREAD & TULIPS (2000  Donatello Award Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director)


After being forgotten in a highway café during a bus trip, a housewife decides to start a new life by herself in Venice.


Director:  Silvio Soldini  

Writers:  Silvio Soldini (story), Doriana Leondeff (story)

Stars:   Licia Maglietta, Bruno Ganz, Giuseppe Battiston

Italian-English subtitles


March 2, 2020

THE GIRL BY THE LAKE (2007 Donatello Award Best Picture, Actor, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography)


When a beautiful young girl is found murdered in an idyllic Northern Italy village, Inspector Sanzio is called in from the capital to investigate. But in a small town where nobody is what they seem, anyone could be capable of homicide and everyone may be hiding a dark secret.


Director:   Andrea Molaioli

Writers:  Karin Fossum (novel), Sandro Petraglia (screenplay)

Stars:  Toni Servillo, Denis Fasolo, Nello Mascia

Italian-English subtitles


March 16, 2020

TO ROME WITH LOVE  (2012  American Film )


The lives of some visitors and residents of Rome and the romances, adventures and predicaments they get into.  Beautifully photographed, this movie is a magical fantasy and romantic comedy with the beautiful city of Rome as a backdrop to the magic of lovers, crisscrossing and colliding.  Characters include lovers and fiancees, an opera singer, and an architect.


Director/Writer:  Woody Allen

Stars:  Woody Allen, Penélope Cruz, Jesse Eisenberg



March 23, 2020

MONA LISA IS MISSING  (Award Winning Documentary 2012)


A man steals the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911.  His 84-year-old daughter thought he did it for patriotic reasons.  A filmmaker spends more than 30 years trying to find the truth.

Director-Writer:  Joe Medeiros

Stars:  Celestina Peruggia, Joe Medeiros


NOTE:  Joe and Justine Medeiros will be here to discuss their project.  Joe’s former life included being the head writer of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!


March 30, 2020

FACING WINDOWS  (2003 Donatello Award Best Picture)


A young working-class wife and mother, Giovanna, has no time for the senile elderly man, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, whom her husband has rescued from the streets. But as she uncovers the stranger’s secrets, it unlocks a freedom within her heart the she never expected.

Director:  Ferzan Ozpetek

Writers:  Ferzan Ozpetek, Gianni Romoli

Stars:  Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Massimo Girotti, Raoul Bova

Italian - English subtitles


April 13, 2020

VIVA LA LIBERTA  (2013  Best Screen Play L’Accademia del Cinema Italiano)


A politician, unwilling to face the failure of his party and nation, vanishes.  In a desperate move the party leadership seeks out his mad twin brother.  He quickly surpasses his brother with a talent for inspiring the masses.  A blend of drama and whimsy.


Director:  Roberto Andò

Writers:  Roberto Andò (novel), Roberto Andò (screenplay)

Stars:  Toni Servillo, Valerio Mastandrea, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi |

Italian-English subtitles

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Films are shown on select Mondays.

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